Back in the day, Hans and I were sat in a pub somewhere – Goa I think – and we were talking about the need for a car so we could go off on regular jollies.

“What we need is some kind of awareness vehicle for DISHA. Then we could borrow it at weekends.”
“Yeah, just a second-hand Maruti 800. Paint it up and you’re good to go.”
“Or a van. That’d be practical.”
“Yeah, we could do it up like the ‘A Team’ van and everything. You know, black with red trim.”

We returned to our beers.

Fast forward six or seven months, and we’re organising the Wake Up Pune campaign. By sheer coincidence, the campaign colours are black and red. One of the old Deep Griha vehicles is sitting idle, having been replaced recently. Why don’t we revive the old A Team plan?
And lo, the DISHA Mobile Awareness Vehicle (D-MAV) was born. We drafted a proposal and sketched out the design. I knocked up the necessary artwork in Photoshop. Funding was secured (kind thanks to the Acorn Fund) and the battered old vehicle went for a complete refit: bodywork, lighting, custom PA system, the lot.

I have to admit I was pretty excited to see the end product.

The D-MAV will be used primarily for rural outreach. Members of the DISHA team will head to the villages and run street plays and awareness sessions about HIV and AIDS. The D-MAV is also a visible advertisment for the Wake Up Pune campaign, and will be present at all high profile DISHA events.

Sadly, Hans and I won’t be able to use it for our holidays. But I’m glad that all our hard work slaving over a beer has finally been vindicated…

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  1. >Paul this is fantastic. Am sending this out as a press release/invite type thing. That’s how good it is! Sorry you’ll miss it on the 9th, and Happy Birthday mate, for in a couple of days you lose… or is that gain another year…

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