A quick look back

It’s approaching two and a half years since I left the UK. About time then, for a quick look back.Where have I been in all this time? First of all to India, then to Thailand (via a stopover in Bangladesh, though I’m not counting that), then Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand again before returning to India. An extended stay this time, picking up a couple of new qualifications along the way, and then off to Sri Lanka, and back to India again. Right now, I’m in Nepal.

Let’s just say I’m taking the roundabout route getting to New Zealand.

Some forms of transport I’ve used on my travels (in a vaguely chronological order):

Cycle rickshaw
Auto rickshaw
Motor boat
Thai songthaew
Cambodian improvised railcart
Sail boat
DISHA Mobile Awareness Vehicle (D-MAV)

What I have I learned in all this time?

1) Return tickets are for wimps
2) One should be very careful when sitting on a camel
3) Arrack (Sri Lankan country liquor) and ginger beer is a drink fit for kings
4) Feni (Goan country liquor) and Mazaa (mango soft drink) is a drink fit for fools
5) Late at night, in any city in the world, you can watch a movie on satellite TV starring Steven Segal. It’s probably ‘Under Seige’, and it’s probably on channel 57…
6) There are stories everywhere you look

More homespun philosophy another day!

Recently, I was back in Delhi. It was interesting, because that’s where I first arrived into India in October 2004, and I hadn’t been back since. After spending a reasonable amount of time in various parts of the country, it was interesting to see things through different eyes. Unfortunately my visit was somewhat curtailed, but I’m looking forward to spending more time there in the future.

Just one more thought… I’ve spent so much time in Pune that I now leave loved ones behind in India as well as Europe. But I haven’t forgotten about anyone, and look forward to the day we meet again…

Paul xx

3 thoughts on “A quick look back”

  1. >Mr Pablo!! that visa extension better be granted!!! Im looking at the 13th June for my indian summer adventure again and wouldnt be the same without you!!! Hope your enjoying your travels!! missing you loads, lots of love

    sharon xx

  2. >return to Pune!! I am nearly friendless… feeling a bit sorry for myself as yet again hit with some horrid leurgy that as usual everyone blames on change of season!!

    Sounds like you are having fun… but when will you return?

    Love Jen
    PS Happy B Day for later on this week

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