Tadiwala Road…from the air

Here’s an aerial photograph of the Tadiwala Road area.

The dark blue line runs along the 1km length of Tadiwala Road, right up to the river. You can easly spot the densely-packed slum areas. Approximately 30,000 people live here.

The green dot shows the location of Deep Griha Society’s Family Welfare Centre. The red dot marks the block of flats where I stay, just a minute’s walk away.

At the south end of the picture you can Pune’s finest hotel – Le Meridien – which has just hosted Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a few weeks whilst they’ve been shooting in the city. The media went crazy.

The light blue line shows Boat Club Road, one of the most exlusive addresses in town. It’s a little leafier around there.

As you can see, the slum-dwellers (average income, Rs1000 per month) live almost side-by-side with people who can afford property at Rs2500 per square foot, or a hotel room at $150 (Rs6800) per night.

Interesting na?

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